When it Comes to Investing and Giving, Do Not Be Stingy – God Does Not Want Your Tips!

When it comes to giving or ‘investing’ do not be stingy. God does not want your tips. It was King Solomon who spoke about one man giving freely and gaining even more, while another withheld unduly, and discovered himself suddenly become poor. A generous man will prosper, and he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.

No matter what your present circumstances are in the current financial crisis this is a day for giving and investing, but investing in the right way.

When leading Tours and Pilgrimages to The Holy Land, we have always spent a day at the Dead Sea. O, how our people have enjoyed covering themselves with Dead Sea mud, and then bathing in the therapeutic waters. The Dead Seas has such a high mineral content that even non-swimmers can stay afloat in its waters.

The reason for this is that it has no outlets, and one consequence is, it has no life. New abundant amazing life may be awaiting you, as soon as start giving and investing.

This is a time for reaching out to others who may be poorer off than you. Stocks and shares have plummeted and investments have disappeared. People who have stored up for themselves may find that there is not much left in the storehouse.

Something quite interesting happens when you stop focusing upon yourself and get involved and concerned about other people’s needs.

If you want to grow, then you have to sow. When you invest in the lives of others, God begins to look after your needs too and meet your needs in the most amazing ways. But, of course, first of all, you have to sow!

One man who was out of work and looking for a job volunteered in a soup kitchen, deciding to be the hardest and most conscientious worker there. Soon he was spotted and employed!

If the company or business where you are presently working is struggling in the current climate, pour yourself out into that business and ask God to prosper you and the business. Something amazing invariably happens.

What you do for others seldom goes unnoticed. God has a way of keeping track of what we do and what we say and the attitude we display.

Look for a work among the poor and the hungry and the needy. That will not be difficult. Invest your time and talents and gifts and money for a season, in that work. Forget your own situation, just for a short while. If that work is genuinely helping those in real need, stick at it. Persevere and watch something remarkable happening in your own circumstances.

By serving in this way it is as if we open a door for Jesus Christ to bless us.

A Roman army officer called Cornelius gave generously to those in need and prayed to God. Now, that is a most unusual scenario and setting. He and his family were among the first to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Amazing and remarkable things happened. Check up about Cornelius in Acts Chapter 10 in the New Testament. I am not making it up!

When we give to God, do not just give Him a tip as though He were a porter carrying your luggage out to the car.

This very difficult time could be the most opportunistic moment you will ever have.

Sow money. Sow time. Sow your gifts and talents freely. Sow a smile to someone who is troubled. Just do it and do not be overly surprised if you have a Cornelius experience.

Sandy Shaw

Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy, and serves on The Children’s Panel in Scotland, and has travelled extensively over these past years teaching, speaking, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, making 12 visits to Israel conducting Tours and Pilgrimages, and most recently in Uganda and Kenya, ministering at Pastors and Leaders Seminars, in the poor areas surrounding Kampala, Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu.


Divine Self Day – A Loving Irresistible Invitation to Play

Send a message to a friend telling them May 13th is Divine Self Day, a day to get in touch with who we are at our core. You are Happiness, Love, Generosity and Wonder. Pure Joy, that’s what you are.

It doesn’t take a chain of email letters; you simply become a transmitter and a receiver of signals of joy and happiness. When you are in touch with your divinely magnificent self you are transmitting those vibrations out into the world. By deliberate intent you can teleport energies to anyone and everyone. And even if they are not fully tuning into receive them, the idea will bounce off them continuously similarly to how the signals to your cell phone occurs. It is as real as you intend it to be.

When you are in touch with your own love and kindness you can appreciate the love in another. You become blind to the contrasting side of yourself and others. No matter how desperate a person might be in their experience of life, everyone has the capacity to find at least one small element about themselves for which they are able to express an appreciation. They have the capacity to send and receive the wishes of joyful energies to and from all corners of the world.

On May 13th you can know for certain that these vibrations are being deliberately intended to come your way. At anytime during the day you can stop, get in touch with your divine self, realized by simply becoming aware of what you appreciate about your life. Be open to receiving the generosity of others, and give as much joy away as you’d like, you have an infinite supply.

Who knows of this day? Let as many know as you like for many others are doing so as well. You could tell one person and that one person could tell just one other person who lets thousands become aware. You can invent ways to give it structure. Wear a button. By doing so you create a moment for another to consider how wonderful they are. Sometimes it is a jump start that is all they need. And it matters not whether they are rich or poor, sick or healthy, mean spirited or remarkably generous, every person can for a moment remember that who they are at the core of their existence is pure joy, love and kindness. Their power is in their capacity to wish another good will.

When you are in touch with that usually hidden side of yourself, life seem magical and in this space, life appears wonderful and things begin to move in your favor. Interestingly enough, you can not truly get your divine self if you are blind to the divinity in another. By calling it front and center stage allows you to make this tool more powerful in your daily life. The appearance of things in life does have a powerful effect and cause you to forget who you are and with practice of course your deliberate self can readily choose the powerful space of happiness and joy. The emotion of happiness, joy, bliss and ecstasy is one where freedom flourishes and things work; you become a path of least resistance for joy.

This can truly only be done when you get at least a glimmer of your own divine self, enabled by the deliberately willingness to acknowledge to yourself that you are divine at the core. The source which has life flowing through you is more magnificent and powerful than you can imagine.

Your divine self sees only the love, the wonder and the joy in the heart of another. Though there are those who suffer deeply and seem harden by the life they experienced, underneath the identity of every single human being is the divine self which has been given life by the whole of humanity.

So unless you completely forget, consider May 13th as Divine Self Day. What you can do to make it real. Do something nice for yourself. Acknowledge something that you love about yourself. Do and say something nice for another. Get in touch with your divine self and imagine you are a global broadcast station transmitting vibrations of joy to all people on the planet that it pierce through to their like self. You have an infinite supply of good wishes to launch. Teleportation has always been a tool you have at your disposal. You can teleport wishes of good will and good fortune to any and every individual on the planet and those wishes will arrive instantaneously.

On this day you enjoy the gift of seeing the divinity of every human being no matter how they have presented themselves in the world over time. Do something nice for another even if it is to send them a wish for greater happiness and joy for all the days of their lives.

Invent a way and make a reminder for yourself and others. One day, MAY 13th will speak for itself as a reminder of who we are. Send a message to a friend that May 13th is Divine Self Day, a day to get in touch with who we are at our core. You are Happiness, Love, Generosity and Wonder. Pure Joy, that’s what you are. My gift to you is in this global vision.

Cradled in the Universal Heart and Spirit
People Powerfully Living, Loving Life
Cultures Illuminating Pure Joy, Profoundly Related
Extraordinary Participation and Freedom
Humanity – One Generous Spirit
A Profound Listening for Possibility
A Loving Irresistible Invitation to Play
A Clearing for Transformational Exploration
Freedom to Rock’n Roll

Leon Michael Cautillo, Author/Instructor

Come visit In Our Time and read ‘A Global Vision’. If you enjoy the poster please consider purchasing it for display. You are invited to discover more about the magnificent and great possibility for mankind. Here you can find what there is to focus on that lifts the world and all its people to greater levels of happiness and joy.


Minorities Win Big With Minority Business Grants

Minority Americans of any race or heritage that have an interest in earning a living while encouraging your ethnic group to embrace their heritage should explore minority business grants to achieve their goals. While most Americans are aware that this generous government funding is made available to minority Americans who desire to accomplish big business investment goals, or aid to non for profit organizations, what few are aware of is that free minority grants are acquirable to suit the purposes of the small ethnic business owner as well.

You do not necessarily have to be looking to construct a major housing development in an ethnic neighborhood, or rehabilitating a cultural history museum, or anything like that, to avail minority grant money. Even the simplest of ideas, that benefit no one but you, if you are a minority, can be found eligible to qualify for free government money in minority business grants. There are thousands upon thousands of free money opportunities that can be designed to suit your individual needs and desires. You just need to be creative.

Maybe, you are of Hispanic decent and are something of an amateur chef. It is quite possible that you may be eligible to receive enough free minority college grant money to attend culinary school, and then a minority business grant to open your own ethnic restaurant. Wherever you choose to establish your business, be it in an area that is culturally rich and welcomes your “little bit of home”, or you set up shop in a more integrated area where you are enlightening others of what your culture has to offer them, you may be able to get free government money to do it.

There are some really great hairstyles that African American women are sporting these days. Perhaps you are an American black woman who is fantastic with creative design and hairstyle techniques. You may be able to take that talent beyond braiding and perming your friend’s and family’s hair and start making money by opening your own salon. You can more than likely be approved to receive minority education grants to attend cosmetology school and a minority business grant to get that salon up and running.

Did you know that just being of the female persuasion would automatically qualify you to receive minority grant funds? Yes, women of any race, culture, or heritage are considered to be minority Americans and are eligible to apply for all minority grants, business or otherwise. Do you realize what millions of opportunities this opens up for the ladies? They can achieve free government money in minority business grants to do all the things that women love to do.

These days American women are using minority business grant funds to open day care centers, small boutiques, exercise clubs, restaurants and diners, catering companies, art galleries, aerobic studios, hair salons, gift and craft shops, eBay stores, and millions of other exciting and rewarding establishments.


The Truth About Maternity Leave in the United States

Be aware, it is possible this article may make you very frustrated. The truth is most of the world does offer some sort of paid maternity leave. As a matter of fact, there are only 5 countries in the entire world that do not. These countries are Australia, United States, Liberia, Swaziland, and Papua New Guinea.

A lot of the states that offer maternity leave actually offer family leave that is available to both mothers and fathers. The most generous country in the world has a maternity leave policy of 8 weeks of 100% paid leave – BEFORE the due date. After the due date, mothers receive one full year at 100% paid leave. Then another year at 85% paid leave, and then a third year unpaid leave is also available. What is even more generous is that this applies to either the mother or the father – or they can take the leave in shifts. In addition, the father gets one full month of paternal leave after the birth. The country where these benefits are available is Lithuania. It seems unreal that almost all the countries in the world have these benefits, yet the wealthiest country on the globe does not.

There is a little bit of protection for mothers. In 1993, the US passed the Family and Medical Leave Act. If you work for a large company (50+ employees) then you are entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid leave. Additionally, you cannot be fired for being pregnant and your job is protected while you are gone. I suppose this is better than nothing. However, America runs on small businesses. Millions of women work for companies that have less than 50 employees and unfortunately they are just not protected.

So then it is up to the mother how long they want to take maternity leave for. First of all, they have to make sure their household can still run without that income. It is important to plan ahead for this if possible. Additionally, a new mother’s body needs time to heal. Mothers also need time to bond with their newborns. It is also very important to establish a healthy household routine for yourself and your baby. Once all of these things are done, then it is okay to return to work and leave your baby in someone else’s care. Some people can accomplish all this in 6 weeks and for some it makes take several months. Maybe you should consider going to Lithuania where you can have 3 years off of work – or even a year and half with your baby’s father!